White Hats Report #38

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March 27, 2012 ***UPDATE***

We want to urge our readers, supporters and fellow Patriots to call, fax and/or email the SEC at the below coordinates regarding the information on Michael Herzog disclosed in our most recent report (#38).  Let them know that we do not want criminals and fraudsters like Michael Herzog to be in a position to manage anyone’s money, especially the hard earned savings of American’s trying to support their families and plan for retirement.  If enough citizens contact Mr. McKessy, the SEC will be compelled to start an investigation which will lead down many roads that the cabal wishes to avoid.

Security and Exchange Commission
Office of the Whistleblower
Sean McKessy, Chief
Phone: 202-551-4790

Fax: 703-813-9322

March 26, 2012 – White Hats Report #38Davidson Kempner Capital Management LLC hires known con man Michael Herzog as Portfolio Manager for new Euro Fund.  Prison cell next to Bubba Madoff is cleared for mates.As recent as last week, everything was again ready for the release of the Global Settlements, but obviously this did not happen.   What has been revealed is that Michael Herzog showed up in Zurich recently to assist Bush Senior, Jeb Bush, Bush Junior, Mitt Romney and other co-conspirators, to further delay the release of the Global and Falcone Settlements while they use the money in the banking system to fill their pockets.   This is a developing key issue in the United Kingdom, Europe, and with world leaders as their exposure on this group and their activities continue to develop.

Our investigation has discovered the following:

Davidson Kempner Capital Management LLC, a New York based multi- strategy fund manager, has just launched a new fund with criminal conspirator Michael Herzog as a Portfolio Manager.  See the following link:


As we have reported previously Michael Herzog is a crook.   He was Bush Senior’s bag man, who participated with his Canadian partner Paul Guenette, Mitt Romney, and other associates to steal Edward Falcone’s funds.

Herzog has been arrested previously in Switzerland for fraud.   He and Guenette ran ICB Bank in Switzerland before the Swiss authorities closed it down.   Herzog and Guenette were also arrested in Germany for attempting to pass fake credit letters for cash via Commerzbank in Frankfurt.   Guenette is on the Canadian Airports Watch List.   How many alerts have to go out before a nasty, devious crook like Herzog is stopped and  investigated?   How did this man pass a corporate and financial vetting process with Davidson Kempner?

Davidson Kempner Capital Management LLC has publicly acknowledged that they have employed Michael Herzog as a portfolio manager.  How is it possible that such a large fund management company could be so inept to place public money in the hands of such a man with a criminal history?   Even with Herzog providing false history and documentation, a proper vetting process would have exposed this criminal.   You have just placed a fox in the hen house.   STOP HERZOG NOW!   We promise you Herzog that the SEC and FBI will be coming for you.

Chris Krishanthan, Zach Gozali and Darren Curtis will be functioning as Portfolio Managers with Michael Herzog.    On public record, all three of you are on notice that you will be assisting a felon to potentially perpetrate another fraud.   It is important to note the connection that Davidson Kempner Capital Management LLC has to Deutsche bank and Josef Ackermann as prime broker.  As we have reported, Ackermann is under many investigations and has been involved with Alan Greenspan, Bush Sr., Mitt Romney, and other co-conspirators in the theft of Falcone’s money.

We ask all of our readers to help with a clean-up campaign.  Your words and actions count.  Please write, phone or fax the key Davidson Kempner managers and demand a background check be carried out on Michael Herzog, via Germany, Switzerland, and Israel, and that he be removed forthwith from access to any management funds.

Contact 1:

Davidson Kempner Capital Management LLC
65 East 55th Street
19th Floor
New York, NY  10222

Phone:  212-446-4000
Fax:  646-924-0424

  1. Thomas Lenox Kempner, Executive Managing Member
  2. Marvin Harold Davidson, Principal
  3. Timothy Ian Levant, Chief Operating Officer

Contact 2: 
Security and Exchange Commission
Office of the Whistleblower
Sean McKessy, Chief
Phone: 202-551-4790
Fax:   703-813-9322
Let these people know that we the public know about Michael Herzog and we will not allow this to continue.

Below is a short list of Michael Herzog’s criminal activities:

  • Herzog conspired to steal Ed Falcone’s funds and CHIPS.
  • Herzog and Ackermann traded Edward Falcone’s funds leveraged up by the Bank of England and the Bank of Austria, running well into July 2008.   On August 1st, 2007, we have records showing that George Bush Sr., Alan Greenspan, Mitt Romney, and Michael Herzog exchanged communications agreeing not to pay Edward Falcone and to trade his funds for yet another year.
  • Herzog has even stated that he and Josef Ackermann escaped European arrest because of bribes they paid to a named Interpol officer in Ackermann’s back pocket.  We have this officer’s name.
  • We know of the trades leveraged up by the Bank of England, Bank of Austria and trading via Barclays, HSBC, and CSFB (who used it’s Spanish division).
  • Herzog, Bush Sr., Romney and Guenette also link into RBS London, Deutsche Bank, ABN Germany and Commerzbank.
  • We have the records of stolen funds Herzog moved into Caracas, then onto the Caribbean, and even into South Africa.
  • Herzog also routed funds via San Marino for onward distribution. He hides behind Alliance Stars, and his wife Gudrun Funkenweh whose own accounts are now frozen.
  • Herzog also used Oxi Mining and Trade LLC in the Isle of Man to hide his portion of the profits.
  • Herzog has routed funds via Frank Furstenberg behind a Berlin attorney trust.
  • All the funds paid to the CIA (falsely) are on record as are the Agents who laundered funds for Bush Senior and Vice President Biden.
  • We know Herzog’s bank accounts and offshore fronts, as well as the law firm he uses to route and launder funds through.

Herzog, we are here to track you and expose you.  Banks are ready to testify against each of you. The funds you illegally evaded taxes on will be exposed.  The funds you continue to illegally transfer to your co-conspirators Bush Sr., Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and all the others will be exposed.  You may have dirty agency heads in your pockets, but you do not own the World Court or the EU Media. Your exposure starts here, and today we name and shame you with Davidson Kempner Capital Management LLC.  Be afraid Herzog, be very afraid.   Justice is coming.  The bell tolls for you and for all your associates.

It is also time for America to wake up.  We have been informed that Mitt Romney introduced Michael Herzog to the Davidson Kempner group.  Romney has had a long time association with Herzog.  Again, Romney has co-conspired to steal Falcone’s funds, already having been paid one billion dollars in payoffs. His actions continue to reveal his true nature. Will America stand silent and allow another person of such rotten character to be nominated for the highest office in America?

Will you help us expose the truth to every American?