White Hats Report #68 – A Planet on the Brink

In Elections, WHR by Paladin

Our standard for putting out a White Hats Report over the years has always been based on information that needs to be released. We never put out reports just to be putting out reports despite the wishes of our readers to the contrary. When we didn’t have anything to publish, we stayed silent.

We can say with all sincerity, this is the most important report we’ve ever put out which is saying something based on the revelations we’ve disclosed in the past 10 years. Today, November 3, 2020, the US will determine if President Donald Trump gets four more years in the White House or whether the US will be lost to China, the cabal and the light of freedom espoused by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution is extinguished forever.

When we started publishing our reports 10 years ago in November, 2010, this was exactly what drove our resolve, to avoid the planet being totally taken over and consumed by the darkness… the cabal. Since President Trump’s election in 2016, the cabal has been revealing itself every day in regards to its control over governments, corporations, banks and most importantly, media outlets. The attempts to keep Trump from taking office began soon after the election in 2016 and escalated to impeachment in 2020. They have pulled out all the stops in a desperate attempt to prevent four more years of the Trump Administration and their total demise.

We could post pages upon pages of examples of the cabal exerting their influence and power over the above groups but what is the point? It should be OBVIOUS by now who is running the planet… and its not governments but a sinister group of bloodline families who operate from the shadows, their strings attached to the puppets who dance to their wishes. They are controlled by blackmail, extortion and threat of death. They have also committed treason against the United States and should be punished as the traitors they are. The bloodlines should be hunted down and arrested, tried for crimes against humanity ala the Nuremberg trials and their fates sealed.

So yes, this planet is on the brink. The brink of what? The brink of extinction or the brink of redemption. We have all, every person in every country, stood down while this evil has infected the entire globe. We have been too concerned, too engrossed and too distracted in our own quest of self-indulgence. Too concerned with likes and followers and political correctness to the point we’re all standing in line, checking our phones, while we wait our turn to be executed at the slaughterhouse. We stand and ignore the sounds we hear from inside… the screams of pain when bones are crushed and skin is ripped. We’re too busy with our faces planted in our phone screens to notice. Or to care.

More concerned with what’s trending or how many new followers and likes were gained rather than a safe, secure and FREE future for our descendants. More concerned with shaping our opinions based on fake news, propaganda and disinformation than spending time researching for ourselves. After all, we’re only talking about our children and grandchildren’s future. More concerned with supporting the latest immorality propaganda under the guise of “choice” than assessing the damage and trauma it creates for their children in the present.

How has this country strayed so far from the vision set forth by the Founders of a free society? The US is the beacon of hope for the rest of the world, the example of a Republic that displayed the wisdom of its Founders by embracing their gift of self-governance. BY the people and FOR the people. Instead, the past few generations of population have allowed the erosion of rights and freedoms based on the cabal’s weapon of choice: FEAR. They have let themselves down and the rest of the world by being passive while giving up freedoms facilitated under false pretenses.

The country destined to set the example and change the world had become the country despised for its constant wars/invasions and its theft of people, resources and freedoms all over the globe. It was only a matter of time before the cabal would turn inward and destroy the last flicker of freedom on the planet. This is when the people would use the tools provided them by the Founders to preserve the Republic.

That time is NOW!

This is 1776 circa 2020 and WWIII. The whole planet is at stake and the country founded by wisdom based on freedoms for ALL has to take their country back before its too late. The fate for the inhabitants of earth hangs in the balance. This is the time America stands UP and exercises the rights and processes the Founders created. This is the time America shows the world that the idea this country was founded upon is the example for the rest of the planet. A bright beacon that lights the way.

Our reports have disclosed the corruption, payoffs and control of the US politicians many times over. We told you about Biden accepting the multi-million dollar bribes to stand down on the Falcone theft. We’ve given you copies of the documents supporting the $15T fraud in 2009 under Soetoro’s watch. We’ve given you Vatican Bank balances and names. We’ve given copies of trading program contracts. The recent revelations on Hunter Biden’s laptop is just the tip of the iceberg. Bribes and payoffs for political favors is the norm. You really don’t think its limited to Creepy Joe and his family do you?

Donald John Trump has given up EVERYTHING. He’s risking it all to stand between us and them long enough for us to answer the challenge. If we don’t, they will destroy him, as they destroyed the 35th President by gunning him down in front of hundreds of witnesses in broad daylight. If we don’t re-elect Trump, we will be signing his death warrant. They will spare no expense, no dirty deed, no payoff, no blackmail, no murder and no time to pursue him and make an example of him. Of what happens to you if you DARE challenge the bloodline families, the ones at the top of the pyramid… the same pyramid depicted on their fiat, worthless debt “currency”. His children will be attacked, his grandchildren will be attacked, his allies will be attacked. They will be given a choice, submit to the dark side and assist the bloodlines in maintaining control… or DIE. And they will come after US.

He and his family would be subject to the same treatment of the last President who challenged them. The attack on the Kennedy family has been nonstop, even before JFK took office. There is evidence Joe Jr’s plane was sabotaged during a raid in WWII. The same fate 55 years later that would befall his nephew, John Jr and his wife and sister in law. We know what happened to John and Bobby. Ted was set up so they could compromise him and keep him under control. The only real fighter left in that family is RFK Jr. In the courageous tradition of the Kennedys, from grandfather Joe to his uncle John to his father, Bobby, he stands tall in his fight against the cabal. Another real hero in a family line of Patriots who gave their lives for our country.

President Trump has protected us, defended us, encouraged us and has laid the foundation of restoring the ideal the creators of the Constitution had in mind when they wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Freedom from a tyrannical regime that like any parasite, would live off its hosts, sucking them of wealth, freedom, dignity and finally, life itself.

This election MUST send a message. A message to all lands, all peoples and all cultures.

  • We will NOT submit
  • We will NOT give in
  • We will NOT give up
  • We will NOT succumb
  • We will NOT surrender
  • We will NOT allow the bloodlines to extinguish the light of Freedom all over the world.

This election MUST send a message. Nothing short of a landslide is acceptable.

  • We WILL save the children
  • We WILL preserve the planet
  • We WILL eradicate the darkness
  • We WILL restore FREEDOM all over the world.
  • We WILL lead the way as the Founders intended.

We now stand on the precipice of history. How will we answer the call? The Founders of this great country KNEW a time would come, a reckoning of sorts, a moment on the brink. That time is now. History will mark this as THE turning point for planet Earth. Prosperity or poverty?
War or peace? Freedom or slavery?

Will we answer the call or will the light go out forever?