White Hats Report #67 – Trump’s Mid-term report card

In WHR by Paladin

As we reach and pass the two year mark for Trump’s presidency, it’s time for a performance review

Economy: A-

The unrelenting attack on the over-reaching, ridiculous and business killing regulations has been swift and decisive. The tax cuts for both individuals and businesses are also a contributing factor to this grade. More people have jobs as record numbers of employment across all sectors are being experienced. Wages need to continue to increase but at a faster pace. This should occur once the impact of the tax cuts on businesses becomes more apparent as upgrades to existing facilities and the development of new ones continues.

Another round of tax cuts is due as this will continue to put more discretionary income into the economy, driving competition, innovation, investments and technological advances. This country was built by entrepreneurs and putting more capital into the hands of Americans will restart that trend that has been stifled by the cabal sponsored presidents going back 50+ years.

Finance/Banking: B-

After staying virtually silent during the campaign and much of his first year in office regarding the Federal Reserve, Trump has FINALLY started shining the light on this criminal organization. The raising of rates since he took office is not surprising as its time people realize the Federal Reserve is responsible for EVERY downturn, recession, depression and WAR since they came into existence in 1913. The raising of rates is to (1) stifle the economic growth of the US (2) to recover some of the money aka “quantitative easing” (shell game) of the pathetic Soetoro years when they printed funny money like drunken sailors as the debt doubled from $10T to $20T under Barry’s watch and (3) to provide ammunition to their paid, deep state contractors in the House, Senate and Media to use against Trump in the run up to the 2020 election.

We’ve provided Trump with ample evidence of the fraud the Federal Reserve has been perpetrating since their creation under cover of darkness before Christmas in 1913. The two contracts we released in White Hats Report #63, one a trading program agreement between Yohannes Riyadi of Indonesia and the Greenspan headed Federal Reserve in 2003 and the one executed in 2013 to pay Riyadi the money and profits they stole from him in the preceding 10 years as per the 2003 contract. This, however, is just more Federal Reserve fraud as they have no intention of paying Riyadi, only extending their con game a few more years and running out the clock before another fraudulent gambit is employed.

The bankers are the cancer that infects the entire planet; their usurious practices know no bounds and their theft of our hard labor, efficiencies, discoveries and futures must be stopped now! If Trump wants to go down in history as the best of the best, he’ll need to scatter them to the winds. This is his toughest assignment by far and will be his biggest accomplishment if he can pull it off. The fate of human kind on this planet hangs in the balance.




Draining the SWAMP: C

This sector has been one of the most ongoing issues that remain unresolved. The Mueller investigation highlights the need to do this and the snakes and alligators in the form of Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Ohr, Baker, Yates, et al is a good start. However, there is much more to be accomplished before the reputation, effectiveness and confidence in the DOJ (and FBI) can be restored. It’s become quite clear that once you reach a certain level on the food chain, you are ABOVE the law and you are not accountable for your actions, whether they be treason, fraud, murder, extortion, theft or blackmail.

This has to change and change fast if Trump wishes to get a second term and save the US from cabal destruction. Draining the swamp is one thing, holding people accountable for their crimes is completely another.

Lock her/them UP: F

This grade is self explanatory as two years in; no significant arrests have been made. Yes, low level pedophile networks have been infiltrated and destroyed (NXIVM being the main one so far) but much work remains to be done. It’s time the vast network of military installations all over the world be dismantled, the troops brought home and the rat lines of human trafficking, drug trafficking and illegal arms sales disguised as official military business be destroyed.

All Intel agencies need to be scattered to the winds and reconstituted under mandates that comport with American values and objectives. This includes the NSA, CIA, ONI and various other agencies created not for US security but for cabal influence and enforcement.

At home, the Bush and Clinton crime families and their minions and enablers need to be arrested, tried, convicted and sentences served for their long history of treason against the US and worldwide crimes against humanity. This also includes the banking family cartels who act as Rothschild surrogates in the US and their network of banking fraudsters and con men.

Sessions was a disaster and Comey a spineless snake and sorry excuse for the head law enforcement officer of the country. We can only hope Wray and Barr take their oath of office seriously and restore the rule of law as it applies to EVERYONE in the US.

If this is not done, Trump’s term as president, whether it is 4 or 8 years will be for naught as it will only serve to delay the inevitable rather than save the planet. Yes, a tall order but we feel Trump is and always has been up to the task. Whether he can successfully complete it remains to be seen.

We bring out the following questions/issues that Trump’s DOJ MUST address:

1. Complete whitewash to all pedophile arrests and disgusting parties such as Epstein and Weiner only get a smack on the wrist. Where is the list of perps and why has no action been taken?

2. The sheer scale of Bush /Clinton crime families is off the Richter scale. Why has a crime commission not been appointed and when will it be?

3. Where has the $15T of funds created by cross firing bogus SWIFTs using DHS clearance codes ended up? (White Hats Report #36, #41, #43, #45, #46, #49 – #51, #54, #56 and #62)

4. As Rossier (aka Ferrera) rapidly sunk Pureheart Investments, LTD from trace in Switzerland, why was it not investigated? (White Hats Report #36, #41, #45 and #49)

5. Herzog has threatened to expose the full Bush /Clinton .CIA crime files if he’s extradited to the US. Interpol arrested Herzog and recovered the Bush contracts and proof of frauds. Why was he not brought back to America? His crimes are massive. (White Hats Report #2-#6, #10, #12, #15, #18, #22, #27, #31, #34, #35, #38-#40, #42, #47, #52 and #62-#65)

6. Why hasn’t the list of Epstein’s attendees at Lolita Island not been made public?

7. Why are the Hillary/Abedin files not exposed?

8. Why has Benghazi never been prosecuted?

9. Where have the vast Grey screen funds gone to? Who has them?

10. Where is Soetoro’s birth certificate?

11. How many crimes has Mueller covered up for the Bush crime family?

12. When will the vast array of US Defense Contractors and boots on the ground killing be exposed? How many vast Billions or Trillions has the Pentagon Fed Program pumped out funding them. Who has gotten mega rich and for how much?

Foreign Policy: A

This is the most “under the radar” superb performance category of Trump’s presidency. Yes, it does overlap with trade and treaties but this goes deeper and the ramifications are more profound that only a few understand. Before getting to the heart of this category, let us first review the appetizers.

North Korea: Ongoing but progress has been made for the long held stranglehold of the cabal has been broken in North Korea and continued attention can achieve success and peace for both the Korean peninsula and the rest of the region. The overweight kid with the bad hair cut needs support and guidance to bring his country into the 21st century and cease being the proxy for his NWO controllers.

Europe/EU: Trump has been quick to put this region on notice that the US will not continue to foot the bill for NATO when other countries are not contributing their fair share. The UK’s vote to leave the European Union has served to show the world that these groups of unelected, unaccountable cabal puppets will not be allowed to usurp sovereignty from the people. The US stands behind the UK in their efforts to execute the wishes of the people because it will serve as an example to the rest of the countries mired in the bureaucratic nightmare of the Brussels grifter gang they can forge their own path forward, too.

China: China is the future, an emerging world power, trying to get caught up with the rest of the planet both economically and socially. Laying a solid foundation for an ongoing relationship after the cabal’s attempt to take down both countries by using deception and fraud has failed…for now. If Trump can solidify a trade agreement that rebalances the scales and brings stability to both countries, he deserves a Nobel Prize.

The cabal backed former US Administrations set up one sided trade agreements with China (favoring the Chinese), then convinced them to finance a big part of the US debt….with the intention of taking down the US via the Federal Reserve. Crashing the US economy would cause the US government to default on money owed to China on their investments in treasury notes. Further, their businesses would be severely crippled by a reduction in goods supplied by China to the US consumer because of the tariff imbalance Trump is trying to correct.

By not paying back debt owed to China in a crash and a severe slowdown in trade, the cabal would weaken both countries and make them ripe for a one world government solution which would also include a one world currency. Ever heard of the New World Order? Agenda 21?

Trump and Xi are moving forward in an attempt to forge a new, solid foundation for the future of both countries. It will not be easy as there are a lot of moving parts for each leader to integrate into an agreement that works for both parties.

Is there ANYONE in the world you would rather have negotiating your side of this important agreement than Trump?

No, there isn’t.

Saudi Arabia: If China represents the future, Saudi Arabia represents the past. The past that includes two Saudi Kings helping fund the shadow government (one in the 1960s, the other in the 1980s), a famous American gangster, 911, the petro dollar, Global Oil Traders, SA, Al-CIAda (aka ISIS), the Group of Five, 5 Star Trust (among others), Khashoggi, illegal arms deals, family business ties and Pureheart…and the list goes on. This 60 year history, filled with secret arrangements, secret deals, secret alliances and secret businesses has never seen the light of day. The cabal criminal underground that plans and stages world “events” to herd the cattle to slaughter, all while masquerading in public as politicians, business leaders, Kings, Princes and financial experts.

15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Why did Soetoro veto (overridden) a bill passed by Congress to allow lawsuits to go forward against perpetrators of 911, including….Saudi Arabia? Why was there no response against Saudi Arabia for 911 during the Bush Administration? What family was allowed to leave the US via plane when ALL other flights were grounded? Where was the accused “master mind” from? In the 911 Commission report, which country benefited from the 28 page redactions?

Trump’s first foreign trip as President was to where? Saudi Arabia. He knows the history of this sordid relationship between the US shadow government and Saudi Kings. This important trip changed the relationship between the two countries. An arms deal was struck to sever the cord between Saudi Arabia and the US military industrial complex. Trump has opened up US energy natural resources to wean us off of foreign oil dependence. You see the US shadow government cut a deal with the Saudis to supply us, through OPEC, with our energy requirements in exchange for the creation of the petro dollar. The profits would be poured back to the shadow government in the form of invested capital so the cycle could continue, away from public eyes, off the radar and bypassing oversight of the elected officials and therefore, public scrutiny.

What was the Saudi oil money paid to the US shadow government used for? Trading programs; black budgets; the secret space program; establishing and maintaining delivery systems for the illegal trafficking of humans, arms and drugs; extortion, blackmail, bribes, payoffs, assassinations, coups, false flag events and other nefarious deeds that Trump is trying to stop. Addressing this relationship early on is indicative of the importance of it.

In January, 2015, King Salman took the throne in Saudi Arabia when his half brother died. He has moved Saudi Arabia away from the old alliances with the cabal and outdated oppressive ideas, naming his son, Muhammad bin Salman initially as Deputy Crown Prince and now Crown Prince. This move bypassed a whole slew of Saudi royalty to name his young son as successor to the throne. MBS has endeavored to initiate progressive change in his country, starting with loosening restrictions on the female gender while trying to avoid assassination attempts and ferreting out the US shadow government agents in the Saudi royalty by relieving them of their official positions in government and arresting others to be tried for corruption and other charges.

Trump’s election has been the single most event to bring the deep state/shadow government/cabal puppets out of the shadows. They can easily be identified because they’re the ones whining the loudest about anything Trump does. Be it politicians or news media or business “leaders” or entertainers. Their noise level is commiserate with how much they have to lose if their crimes are exposed to the public and prosecuted in court. The recent “outrage” regarding the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey is a prime example. This would be a good time to inform/remind the readers that Jamal’s late rich uncle, Adnan, reported at one time to be the world’s biggest arms dealer and heavily involved in the Iran-Contra affair. Of course the Iran-Contra debacle was run out of the Vice President’s office, the only one NOT to be implicated in the whole sordid story. How does that happen?

Getting back to Jamal Khashoggi, what’s all the ruckus about? No one gave a damn or raised hell when journalist/reporter Gary Webb was murdered while exposing the Iran Contra affair, the drug trafficking in minority neighborhoods in California (via “Freeway” Ricky Ross) and the direct involvement of the CIA. So what’s so important about Khashoggi? It’s clear, he was one of them. Did he have knowledge about 911? Attempts to assassinate MBS? Knowledge of what happened in Las Vegas in October, 2017?

You decide.

The cabal controlled media and their co-conspirators in Congress are pushing back on MBS for Khashoggi yet these same shills stayed silent on 911, instead getting on the Iraq WMD bandwagon that proved to be false. Now they use Khashoggi as a reason to do battle with both Trump AND MBS. While they sat idle all these years and kept silent about the human rights issues in Saudi Arabia, particularly the oppression of females, they squawk and whine as if they’ve all of a sudden become moral.

Trump and MBS are their respective countries leaders who are attempting to change direction and right the ship. They should both be commended for their efforts.

Media Relations: A

Two words: Keep Tweeting

Trade/Treaties : A+

Get out of NAFTA: Check
Get out of the TPP: Check
Get out of the Paris Climate Accord agreement: Check
Get out of the Iran Nuclear Deal: Check
Renegotiate trade with Canada & Mexico: Check
Renegotiate trade with Europe: Check
Renegotiate trade with China: Ongoing

This is Trump’s strong suit and the above list displays his innate ability to negotiate deals. NAFTA, TPP, PCA and the Iran nuclear deal were all contracts created by the deep state to steer the world toward one world government, using the failing EU model as a blue print. You know the one, right? Where a gang of unaccountable, unelected and irresponsible bureaucrats usurp the constitutional rights of the citizens by way of a treaty or contract that is neither legal nor moral?

The citizens of the UK voted to get OUT of the EU two and a half years ago yet a preppy, incompetent PM can’t manage to implement the wishes of her own people, the ones who put her in office. Rather, she goes to Brussels and takes the submissive role and asks permission instead of dealing from strength and the confidence that her constituents are supporting her.

The boy king in France has shown he’s in WAY over his head, the revealing of yet another cabal controlled, globalist puppet. He can only take orders rather than govern and lead.

Trump is setting the standard here for all the world leaders and the pushback on the globalist NWO agenda is being challenged. Hopefully, for the sake of all humanity, this continues.

Appointments: C

This has been a mixed bag since Trump was elected, the list of failures is long including Sessions, Tillerson, Priebus and Cohn to name a few. Successes include Pompeo, Conway, Haspel, Sanders and Miller. The jury is still out on Wray, Barr (if confirmed), Gorsuch and Kavanaugh although the clown show put on by the Democrats to stop Kavanaugh’s appointment to SCOTUS is revealing in and of itself.

The turnover here is a bit unsettling and contributes to the delay in draining the swamp and making arrests. We strongly suggest Trump assemble a competent team to vet his appointments and hires so that the dismantling of the cabal/shadow government/deep state goes a little faster and more efficiently. After all, that’s why we hired him.

Building the WALL: A+

Another reason we hired him was to secure the border. The fact that the Democrats resist this; urged, supported and backed by the deep state, really tells us all we need to know. None of them care that the American voters put Trump into office for this reason, above all else. Trump is standing his ground with the continued government “shut down”, too bad that doesn’t include the Congressional representatives or it would’ve been over weeks ago. The hypocrisy of the deep state contractors in the House and Senate, led by the two impotent party leaders, Pelosi and Schumer, only serves to further expose the cabal controlled US government. Trump needs to hold firm on this as this is one of the few authorities the Founding Fathers put into the Constitution. Almost two hundred and fifty years later, the Federal government has grown into this overbearing behemoth that intrudes and interferes into the lives of American citizens and is way overdue for a trimming of the fat.

Immigration: TBD

This perceived problem has been intentionally created by the prior Administrations and Congressional sub contractor classes to bring the end game to fruition: open borders. Their long range plan has always been to reduce the US to a 3rd world country with two classes, the rich and the poor. The advanced open border doctrine is evidenced by some states creating “sanctuary” where illegal immigrants are automatically granted rights and privileges reserved ONLY for legal US citizens. NO ONE talks about the disastrous negative financial impact of this process as it will eventually bankrupt cities, counties and states. Wage rates go lower, taxes are not collected, disposable income is spent outside the country and not put back into the local economies, free services are provided to illegals that are both paid for by legal taxpayers and denied them at the same time not to mention the trafficking in children, drugs and criminals pouring across the border.

The US is a welcoming, hospitable country. We always have been, it’s in our DNA. This country started as a refuge from the tyrannical governments of Europe. With an expanding US economy and the baby boom generation reaching retirement age, jobs will be available for many to be productive and contribute in a positive way.

This can and should be addressed once the border is secure and that’s the reason for the above grade.

Health Care: B

Let’s be clear, the Affordable Care Act was neither affordable nor did it have anything to do with care but rather about installing the chip, gaining access to every American’s confidential health care records, bankrupting the US and population control. Read the Georgia guide stones.

And if you think CJ Roberts of SCOTUS is a conservative, think again. Why did he change the ACA mandate from a fine to a tax? Given the separation of powers as enumerated in the Constitution, he has no such authority to change ANY law passed by Congress. His sole authority rests with interpreting the laws laid out in the Constitution and applying that standard to laws passed by Congress. Either it was Constitutional or it wasn’t, neither he nor any other SCOTUS justice has the authority to alter a law to fit the Constitution. However, since the US is a corporation and not a Republic, the Constitution doesn’t apply. THAT..Is a discussion for another day.

Trump dismantled this by getting rid of the individual mandate which left this disaster of a law without teeth or enforcement and it is dying a slow death. When it reaches its expiration date, Trump needs to provide a solution once and for all.

Overall: 3.00 GPA (B)

Note to our readers: The above categories were all given equal weight or importance in arriving at a GPA. Had we weighted them, Trump’s overall grade would be closer to C or C-. Conversely, should Trump completely drain the swamp and/or arrest, prosecute and convict the cabal gangsters from top to bottom, a weighted version would always garner him an A.

There are several categories we haven’t mentioned; disclosure, release of technology, Israel, Russia, strengthening infrastructure and Big Pharma are among a few that will need to be addressed in the future to fulfill our expectations of Trump. The categories we’ve listed, in our mind, take priority as once they’re maintained and/or resolved, the other, second tier issues can be addressed.

We also recognize that this is a master chess game played at the highest levels, and with any great strategic battle…

Timing is everything.