The White Hats

We are a group who have banded together to assist in the world’s awakening by reporting truth and exposing our fraudulent corporate government. We bring forth information that the mainstream media (MSM) refuses to report, and our news comes from high level “inside” intelligence sources.



About Us

The best way to explain who we are was offered in a couple of our reports:

“We selected with care a controlled-access, self-contained safe house in Fulham, Greater London, not overlooked but with a viable backdoor escape route to an unseen inter connecting alleyway in case of emergencies, and with a full visual overview of the wide scanning approach road to monitor any parked observers or perceived threat risks. Our emergency escape vehicle was permanently parked up on the connecting alleyway for a fast exit. The house’s sun blinds allowed us full vision of external areas, but blocked out vision of the interior from prying eyes. To even the most trained observer, it was a quiet, low-profile, unassuming neighborhood. It was the perfect location for a safe house.

The call went out and from the head count, the purpose and need for an immediate “sit down” was well received. The gathering included old soldiers, both civilian and military, always in the background, always keeping the balance and from all over the world. The subject matter was of concern to every person in the room. The meeting could not be further avoided as the image of the future was becoming clear. Enough was enough.

Most of us had been trained under former Administrations and Regimes and were becoming disillusioned and disgusted with what we were witnessing. Every member of the group came with an impressive background, a broad base of knowledge, vast years of experience and most importantly, intelligence networks.

We all take oaths. Our first oath started with the secret words to gain access to the neighborhood tree fort and graduated to a Code of Honor … a Code of Honor that, to this day, we gladly live and die for. One of the Codes we have internalized is called Democracy, the same code our Forefathers lost much for, but gave a new world hope from Tyranny, which created the greatest, most gracious country in the world. That Country has slowly been under attack from the inside and it cannot be allowed to happen, not on our watch, not if we have anything to say about it. Something had been growing for years, like a cancer you can inherently feel but you cannot see. Those of us who served the elite did not notice the deterioration as quickly as the others, but on this day we were all on the same page. We all knew a death was about to occur. It was not a sanctioned contract kill… this was far, far different. This was more sinister. It was a move by an extremely small group of former and current elected leaders, special groups and the “elite” attempting to subvert the checks and balances established and enumerated clearly by our Constitution.

How could that be? It would make the former “good guys”, the utmost of satanic villains, the real turncoats against democracy and life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. What methods would we employ to expose the darkness that we unknowingly helped create through our faithful and dedicated service to our respective countries?

On that day we would sign an Oath.

It was an oath that put us in line with our destiny.

It was an oath that would hopefully save the Constitution of the United States of America and the Declaration of Independence.

It was an oath that would protect the very core of every country in the world, especially those that were the last bastions of freedom on earth.

Out of the backdrop of darkness, we took this Oath to expose the cancer of our former bosses and the elite. We all prayed to our respective God. And on that day, the White Hats were born.

May we live to see this through to the end.”

-From White Hats Report #36


“For the nine months since the first White Hats Report was released, the target audience has always been the following, in order of importance:

1. Elected leadership, traitors and criminals – The cabal and associated support network which includes government officials, banksters, corporate officers and assorted henchmen.
2. Responsible officials – Congress, Federal law enforcement, the Judicial Branch and all foreign governments and World leaders, and
3. General public and/or our readers.

Whenever information is released, whether it is specific or of a transitive and collateral nature, the information is obtained AT the source. That is to say that it is gathered by both human and electronic resources. The information is evaluated, vetted and confirmed before it is released in a report. We are NOT journalists, by and large, we are of the intelligence genre and as such, we have certain protocols and methods by which the process evolves into a finished product. Great care is taken to consider all the possible scenarios in which sources and methods could be exposed and measures are taken to protect both at all costs. No point in going to all this trouble if you can’t make it to the finish line.

We have released documents along the way to support our information where necessary and for reasons that sometimes are not apparent at the time of the release. When you’re in a grand master’s chess match, you think several moves ahead and to the casual observer, the strategy and/or game plan may not readily be apparent along the way. Be assured that the first two groups mentioned are fully aware that the information we release is, in fact, accurate. As far as we’re concerned, that’s the objective.

The fact that we have and are willing to release it indicates to the cabal that their continued perversion and hijacking of the financial system will be exposed to bring pressure to bear on not only the responsible officials mentioned above but also provide the general public with the answer to why the financial health of the world is about to collapse. Documents in the public domain have and will continue to be released on an ongoing basis. More sensitive documents will continue to be held in abeyance for use in the future, whether it be for legal matters or otherwise. When we cite names and balances and banks, the cabal members are put on notice that we KNOW. It serves no purpose to release documents to verify it, as that would expose sources and methods and MAY also jeopardize future legal proceedings.

It is our strong hope and desire that the third target audience, the general public, take the information provided in our reports and question, confront and demand answers from elected public officials. Promises of transparency are always offered but the public doesn’t hold the promise makers accountable when they reverse course the minute they take office. They just go back to sleep until the next election and the cycle repeats itself. Nothing changes except more wealth is stolen from the people, more property is confiscated and more taxes are levied to support the criminal apparatus that has a stranglehold on our financial world.

Make no mistake, there are people at the tip of the spear, on the front lines of this battle. They risk everything that is near and dear to them for this objective. Some names are known and others aren’t but it’s not about fame and glory, it’s about doing what’s right, adopting a righteous principle and being committed to following through. A lot of the issues mentioned in our reports are not part of the Global Settlements yet the ones neck deep in this battle have, on a handshake and their word, taken up the battle for others because of the benefits to the general public and the world. So the next time the urge to type a criticism or an uninformed opinion strikes, stop and think of the ones on the front lines of this battle because the stakes for them are as high as the troops stationed in other parts of the world, they just don’t wear uniforms. A little support “at home” would go a long way to winning this War.”

-From White Hats Report #28

White Hat/Black Hat
The terms white hat and black hat are sacrosanct in the intelligent community, the agencies and government. The two terms were introduced in the silent film era when cowboy movies were prevalent, the visual illustration of cowboys in black hats denoted the “bad guys” whereas the cowboys wearing white hats were denoted as the “good guys”.

In our sphere of existence, the terms white hats and black hats are a way of identifying quickly and without regard for agency affiliation where an individual stands as far as morals, ethics and most importantly, if they’re part of the cabal and the shadow government. So it is a mistake to paint any agency, whether it is the CIA, the FBI, the NSA or any of the others across the globe as either all white hats or all black hats.

Both categories of “hats” have been prevalent since the beginning of time, however, recent history has shown that because the black hats are in charge, the white hat contingent has been suppressed due to the total control by the dark side. With the election of Trump and the populist movement increasing across the globe, the atmosphere for whistleblowers and other white hats to come to the fore in the current struggle to expose the cabal and take back the planet is favorable.

We hope that our efforts begun 6 years ago have created the example to encourage other white hats in all agencies and positions of knowledge to come forward and reveal what they know about the Deep State, the shadow government and the cabal.