White Hats Report #22

In Financial Fraud, Government Corruption, WHR by Paladin

Progress Update:   The Cabal’s World Is Falling Apart; Obama and Geithner Breach of Duty on the Global Settlements;  Bush, Sr., Clintons & Bush, Jr. Secret Closed Files Under Heavy Review.

We are finding that being the lead in any effort is difficult but if you are truthful, fair and balanced in your reporting then over time, people listen, investigate, evaluate and respond.  This has been a long drawn out journey for the White Hats but thankfully what we have been stating for months has intertwined with other domestic and international news and activities.  Being in the lead position also creates opportunity to push the agendas, reopen closed, long forgotten files and to welcome new members to the White Hats community … yes, we have grown into a community. Our people, from the lowest level to the highest level, both domestic and international, have discovered that what we have stated from the beginning is absolutely true.  Some knew we were correct in our thinking, others not so sure, but what they all know now is that we have a common cause and fight.

We know about the Bush family, the Clintons and now Obama trying to usher in and implement the New World Order (NWO). Many say this is not news and others are thankful that we are facing it head on. But why hasn’t the public at large heard about it?  The answer is simple; total, complete and unimpeded control of the media.  It has been their unequivocal arrogance and their unrelenting harassment of what they perceive as “the little people”.  People they thought did not have the ability to do anything to curtail their plans … people they never thought in their wildest dreams would have ever had the ability to disseminate a concept and speak to the issues with such exacting measure that other of the world leaders have committed their beliefs and resources to taking down this administration and all it stands for which includes the finest Puppet Master ever known to man – George Bush, Sr.   As we have learned from our past mistakes, history does repeat itself; it is sad to admit that most of us were sleeping at the wheel and were taken on the proverbial ride on this one.  When the ride stopped, we never thought we’d find the villains in America under American leadership.

Now, the tide is turning in America and along with the support of the International Community, the heat is being turned up on these individuals.  From our standpoint it is easy to say that we are closing them down but we still have prominent individuals  … like current Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst … that have participated in the theft of large amounts of investor monies and the cover-up that surround it.   We also have Presidential Appointees that hope they will never be exposed for their past actions regardless if it was due to political pressure or other reason … to us it doesn’t matter.  If they weren’t strong enough to stand up to the pressure in the past, then they are not strong enough to stand up to the pressure in the present.  If they were dirty in the past, then they will be prone to corruption in the future.  It’s difficult to believe these people have been elected to office to represent the people. They have failed us, they have lied to us, they have tried to circumvent us and they have held the American citizens, “We The People”, hostage to their own empire building schemes, bribery and corruption rackets.

But there is an awakening, a light beaming into the dark closets of the past and present.  As we speak, the past is catching up to the Bush family and both Clintons. Many files that have been “officially closed” are now being “officially opened” to be reviewed one more time. Files like the Vince Foster death, the Ron Brown death, the Noriega files … even the Prescott Bush files … everything is being opened up to look for the patterns and the depth of the intended NWO takeover.

Why all of the sudden is the world interested in these files?  Well, as you move through your daily existence it is difficult to see someone else’s short term goals and ultimate long term goals as they are developing.  After a long string of events, especially over 50 years of political actions, it is easy to see how a plan takes shape.  In the same ilk, now that we are here with the past seemingly forgotten, the shame is starting to come upon us … as a people.  Embarrassingly, we have left our guard down and we have forgotten.

There are many issues that for the sake of our country will not be disclosed but are currently under review by the people on the inside, some things are better left unsaid, but for all of us in the inner circle worldwide the patterns of activities need to be reviewed … we, as professionals, have been purposely led astray and lied to in our duties to serve and protect.  Now, we are doing the clean up and will not quit until justice prevails.  As the saying goes “The Jig is Up!”.  Now, all of our former leaders are the targets of the investigations.  They should be feeling the heat of the fire as we speak … the empire is burning and will never have the opportunity to reconstruct  itself … so help us God!


In that light, in Germany, Saturday, July 1st at 1am est, the strongest public indictment of the Cabal has been issued. This includes our current Administration, the Bushes, the Clintons, Greenspan, Geithner, Goldman Sachs, Josef Ackermann, and all of the minions including those currently controlling and sitting as members of the Bilderbergs and other elitist families and groups.  This release has already grown long legs and is getting quite the force of speed behind it in the international community.  But did anyone notice our very own media outlets, and the international media oultets after initially reporting, they were forced to drop it. Why?   The Answer: The Bilderberg Society has come to the aid of the group.  This information is very explosive and control from the group to containerize it was required before it got out of control.    Expect much more on this.


With their power base crumbling around them, the following additional activities have occurred and are currently under continuing investigation.  It’s no wonder why Geithner is so damn desperate to leave.  Here’s why!

A)    Despite the US Treasury assuring multiple Global Trust Paymasters of their long overdue payments last week, the payments again failed to materialize.   Bush Sr, again ordered, his boys, Obama and Geithner to block any and all payments.

B)    Although Bush, Sr. and Obama were able to prevent the release of the payments, a tremendous amount of progress has been made to further expose, prevent and halt their activities.

  • On June 24th, Geithner made an illegal play to divert part of the Global Settlement funds to Josef Ackerman, Chairman of Deutsche Bank, with the plan of working the funds through the middle of July.   Fortunately, the evening of June 24th a plane left the US travelling directly to visit Ackerman, with special enforcement personal from the group responsible for getting the Global Settlements completed.   Ackerman’s Plan was stopped.   Upon their return from Germany, Geithner was visited by the same enforcement personal and, will again, if he continues to be a problem.
  • By June 29th, it became public that Geithner is planning on resigning.
  • On July 1st, Geithner was also contacted about the 700 Million Dollars he moved from his personal account in The Vatican Bank to other accounts, at many banks around the globe. Did Geithner actually think we wouldn’t know his movements with the cash?  Does he really think we will allow him to keep that money and the other funds he has participated in stealing?  This is not a reality.
  • It has been determined that Congress does not have the guts to investigate all of the claims that have been put forth to them.  We know in several instances that certain of the names on the list of Vatican Bank account holders and presumed pay-off recipients are the reason.  Every one of the Congressional Leaders including Issa has the knowledge in front of them.  Hemming and hawwing … claiming to not want to rock the very delicate boat the United States is in at this time.  We say bullshit … the problem we are in is solely due to the garbage that is happening behind the scenes and not one of our senior leaders has the fortitude to confront the monsters that are dealing with head on.


Mr. Secretary, you have proven to be incompetent and a total failure, but Obama needs you as an expendable scapegoat … you know the language, “to protect the Office of the President of the United States at all costs”.  You don’t think they will let you resign do you?  When you left the Treasury building on Friday and you shook everyone’s hands telling them you are gone {for good}, did you think the holiday weekend would be easy?  You got hammered by the Administration begging you to stay by subtleties of the persuasion.   It’s a very difficult spot.  Putting you squarely in the hot seat.

Mr. Secretary, you have been well paid to strategically perform these criminal actions and to ruthlessly take all the heat, in the beginning, fronting for Alan Greenspan at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and then the US Treasury.  You have been a good soldier but even you are not important enough to protect as a valuable asset, i.e. any of the Bush family members.

Mr. Secretary, the pressure is mounting and you can watch for yourself.   In the last week, some old files are re-emerging on the international stage, i.e. the Vince Foster and Ron Brown cases. Both were in high level positions, but at some point they apparently needed to be dealt with. Why?  At that point in time the issue was simple … a man, his oral fixation, a cigar, an intern and a dress.

In a significant move, court documents have been unsealed by a Special Division of the United States Court of Appeals, which will prove the FBI and OIC covered-up in the Independent Counsel’s probe into the Death of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster, and it further exposes the criminal activities of past and present White House Administrations.  If it can happen to them, it can easily happen to you.  This time there is far more at stake, and do you really think they will allow you to just walk away when you know all the secrets?

You know that you have stolen for your Masters, from multiple nations to vast amounts of Investor funds, which have all been recorded.   Are you really thinking you can escape justice and America will let you spend one dollar of the funds you were paid to perform these illegal activities?  Your only option to lesson your punishment will be if you make a deal immediately, which we encourage you to do.


On June 22nd, a Writ was delivered to Phillip Rivett, Senior Statutory Auditor of Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP, London, who was officially put on notice as Auditors for Barclays Bank of illegal trade activity utilizing Mr. Falcone’s investment funds on buy/sell programs that created billions of dollars for certain government officials, including key officials of Deutsche Bank and for special accounts held by the CIA at Barclays Bank.  This litigation will materially impact Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP, Barclays Bank and Deutsch Bank.  The lead attorney firm on record for Mr. Falcone is Fuerst Ittleman of Miami, Florida.

In addition, the litigation has already created panic with KPMG, the lead international accounting firm. We know that between the two firms each has expended significant amounts of time, energy and resources in the attempt to get their hands around the problem and the culprits. The culprits answer to the accounting firms is “We’ll take care of it”.  Maybe in the past that would be a solid assurance but not currently.  The world is falling apart and we are just waiting for either of these firms to believe that this is going away.  You, Mr. Secretary, are the titular head of all of this … you have the keys to the NWO’s Pandora’s Box.

This criminal audit trail, from Josef Ackermann to the Bushes, Biden, Herzog, Clinton, Romney and Geithner, is in the hands of a number of Law Firms, proceeding through Global Regulatory Legal actions including criminal investigations.   Records have been filed with trustworthy Global Enforcement   Agencies such as the FSA (Financial Service Association).   China and the EU countries are all working together and have the full sordid unsavoury details of these betrayals. Bank Accounts from the Caribbean to the EU are all traced and records are on file for the courts. More Bank Officers are ready to attest when subpoenaed.

Mr. Secretary, do you think they care about the NWO?  Not the smart ones.  If you are worried about whether you are going to make it through all of this, you need to stop, talk to your attorneys, cut a deal and remove yourself from your post.

The Department of Treasury will survive without you, the Country will survive without you and the international community will survive without you.  Obama and the others will be concerned but they will appoint someone else to be their puppet.  If you want to lessen the damage to yourself and your family, you might consider turning into a White Hat and reverse all of the damage you have participated in and have knowledge of.  It won’t be easy, but it will be easier for you.  You will need to turn on your former employers.  Yes, they have had their moment of power but right now, we are powerful as well.  What side of the world do you wish to play on?  Do you want to play on the side of the people, like where you started, or do you wish to be one of the extinguished one thousand points of light?  They are not in control any longer.  Their very foundation is deteriorating with all of the problems they’ve created and cannot stay in control of any longer.  We know that much has been kept from you, you’re just another pawn in the big game and your whole side is experiencing checkmate.  Just come clean before we take more actions like the ones that have hit your doorstep and the ones that you have personal knowledge of that are about to hit your doorstep.  You know how to reach out to us. We promise to be there.

You might want to make up your mind soon as you are fast becoming a liability to your Masters.  You are expendable and not in a position of trust, but you already know this.  You know they will do anything to stay alive … like a rat backed into a corner.  So, realistically, we might be the best chance for survival, either literal or political or figuratively.  Just think about it. Make the call.


What we want to know is what the two lone wild cards will do?

General Petraeus, are you willing to go along with this duplicitous conspiracy once appointed to the CIA or will you stand up and make the people that believed in your moral fiber so strongly that they gave you the support you needed to make the Academy?  They and the world need you now … not later.

General Colin Powell (Ret.), we ask of you the same.  We need your specific leadership.  In a meeting, you once stated that you would never allow your name to be placed in the presidential hat, “If the Trust is still in control.”  Sir, this is the time we need you, your strength and your faith in America. We know your idealism has been challenged, your duty to your Country has been lessened by others and we know that you are mad as hell.  Help us take control … don’t hide in a fox hole while these men you were formerly employed by attempt to take control of the world.  Help us take the ground back that is America instead of what the elitists are attempting to do.

Regardless of the trajectory of the political planets we need strength to lead us through the difficult times ahead of us in the short term and the long term.  The world will need strong men of valor, not conniving snakes that will grasp on to the opportunities that will benefit them alone.  You are highly respected men that led fellow Americans into war … you have the strength to lead the world through the coming tough times.  Our current leaders do not have the ability, nor have they shown they can accept the responsibility of their positions. It’s time to step forward and be counted before it’s too late.  For God and Country … and now, the people of the World.