White Hats Report #21

In Financial Fraud, Government Corruption, WHR by Paladin

The Kenyan in the White House will sign to release the GS provided he gets his extortion money on the IQD revaluation.

The on-going battle rages between the customary conundrums … right v. wrong, good v. evil, thugs v. the common people. Our US President Barack Obama who is both ineligible to hold the office and totally incapable of carrying out the duties of said office is again resorting to thuggery … this time extortion. The White Hats have been tracking the progress as patiently as everyone else allowing the good fellows in the international banking community to move through the process of being the meticulous mechanics they are. To find that it had stopped at Obama’s desk … again … gave us great pause as we had a feeling it meant more than waiting for a signature. True to form, Obama did it again. We never thought that our President could be so blatant in his demands. We shouldn’t be surprised as Congress allows him and his controllers, i.e. NWO gang of Bush, Clintons, Kissinger, Soros, et al to hold the American dollar hostage and threaten the world financial system … all for their own personal gain, attempting to leverage Obama’s temporary position to enrich their bank accounts, all the while financially destroying the American people.

The information contained in the attached Al Hodges letter is vital to the success of the World Global Settlements and, unfortunately, is very disturbing in its truthful content. You, the reader, needs to take the information to heart and know that this is the standard that Washington politics has come to.


This latest development, the extortion attempt by Obama, leaves us wondering how to respond.

Perhaps, we should start by apologizing for blocking his attempted extortion of $1,000 per package sent out by Federal Express to recipients of the Prosperity Packs, after all it was rude of us to do that. A quick calculation would indicate a nice “commission” for his trouble of making the phone call to allow them to go out.

Perhaps this time we should request a written contract to sign. I’m sure his legal team could put something together for a basis in which to start negotiations.

And we haven’t heard yet on how he wishes to be paid this extortion money. We’re not sure if he’d like it in cash, a cashier’s check or money order. Or perhaps he’d like it wired to one of his overseas accounts at the Vatican Bank, the Bank of Santander, a bank in Honduras or maybe the Caribbean? If so, he’ll need to provide his routing coordinates as we’d hate to wire it to the wrong account, one under the name of Bush, Clinton, Kissinger or Soros. He’d NEVER get it back then. If he wants Ackermann at Deutsche involved, he should let us know that as well. We’re also wondering where he wishes the 1099 to be sent or would this be tax free money? And don’t worry; we’ll use the Connecticut Social Security for reporting to the IRS. We know, as President, he wouldn’t want to cheat them out of their money. How he reports it on his tax return and disclosure statements would be his problem.

Many of our long time readers are actively involved in the communications process, please continue. Call Washington and let them know you’re tired of the acts of this President and his participation with the Bush/NWO Cabal. Let them know that you demand action on the World Global Settlements.

The White Hats Team

Al Hodges 6/17/2011