White Hats Report #10

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The United States Supreme Court – Upholders of the Constitution or Just another Political Player?

Democrats, Republicans, the Supreme Court and the Slow Death of the United States of America.

“We the People are the rightful master of both congress and the courts – not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”  Abraham Lincoln

This will be the fourth month the White Hats have reported information about the status of the massive corruption in our government and our beloved country.  We have delivered numerous reports with information that America is watching … and there are 308 Million Americans.  The same reports have been read by world leaders … Presidents, Prime Ministers, Finance Ministers, Bankers, Lawyers, and our good and honorable government officials.

Many of the above mentioned leaders questioned the White Hats about what is actually happening in America and how this could be happening especially with the evidentiary materials in hand.  It has allowed many of those foreign leaders to check their countries’ banks to see if this corruption has made a path to their lands.  It is interesting to note the extensive methods our corrupt former and current leaders have used to hide their spoils, i.e. Sovereign accounts, Vatican accounts, corporate accounts, Trusts, Foundations, off-balance sheet accounts and in the names of others at U.S. and offshore banks.  Many members of our Senate and Congress have either met personally with us or have received extensive packages with this personal follow up from the aggrieved parties and are being fully apprised of the magnitude of this problem.

This single story has grown international legs and the struggle is full blown with the domestic media unwilling to report the news, the domestic authorities unwilling to take action on the evidence, our Supreme Court unwilling to take the actions required by law to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, our Justice Department unwilling to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators of the criminal acts against the United States of America, our domestic and International security agencies unwilling to investigate and make serious, hard hitting recommendations and the Department of State unwilling to explain to the International community the problems the United States is experiencing with our former and current Heads of State. What is the result?

Nobody in an official capacity has the guts to do the deed … even with the unadulterated truth and the evidentiary materials.  In every corner, we have viewed people who recognize and have firsthand knowledge of the recruitment techniques and results if you do not play their game. We have seen the extent of the pay-offs, the bribes in the billions of dollars, the political favors, the usurping of the freedoms we Americans have fought for and the blackmail.  Bush’s little black book is deep with details of each person needed to corrupt the system including Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton, Geithner and many others.  Once the door is open just a little bit and the example is set from the highest level available in government, all bets are off.  In this case, the Bushes, the Clintons and the Obamas are all at the cashier’s window with an alternative agenda and the agenda is not just money. If it was then it would be easy to detect the corruption.  But we have the details, we have the documents, we have the evidence that will bring down the house of corruption but you have to have the guts to play on our side of the table.

This letter is specifically directed to the members of the United States Supreme Court. Do the right thing and do it now.  You are the last bastion of truth and authority in the United States and are watched not only by all Americans but are watched by each and every person in the world? Do you plan on upholding the credibility and integrity of the United States Supreme Court or are you going to allow certain members of the Honorable Court to subvert that integrity?  What happens to the unquestionable integrity of the Court if certain members are deemed to be compromised or outright dirty?  Are the senior members of the Honorable Court going to stand for the United States of America or are you joining in on the demise of the United States like the rest?  As we do not have one ounce of leadership in the White House, we now need you, right now and you know it.  We pray that you speak out individually and through the actions you take.  We know those actions will be the most difficult actions ever in the history of the United States Supreme Court but you members have been singularly chosen to act for the sanctity of our Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the laws of this great Country, 308 million Americans and the watchful eye of the World.

Over the course of the last four months, there have been numerous reports regarding the illicit acts of our Executive branch starting at the very top and moving down … receiving payola, attempting to cover up their mistakes, taking instruction from Bush, Sr., receiving favors from the Bush, Sr. people, and subverting the intent of the law and the 308 million Americans that believe in life, liberty and justice for all.  They have begun to take away our freedoms.  The very people that are supposed to represent the interests of the American people are stealing the America people blind and are subverting every shred of the United States for their own reckless personal interests.

The vast majority of the White Hats has served or is serving their Country currently.  We have or are serving in various forms and capacities and refuse to allow this to continue, and we are willing to put our lives on the line to preserve the integrity of the greatest country in the world.  Unfortunately, the further we probe the bigger the problems have migrated throughout the system like there is a new rule of law that states a politician … a government employee … a person elected or appointed to an official capacity … is allowed to steal from the people, and further, if you share with the “members of the club” then you enjoy the” protection” of their club.

The White Hats have the attention of the world.  The world agrees that America is the single dirtiest place to do business with our political leaders. It is very unfortunate that we live in a pay to play world.  It is a very sorrowful day that our National Security Agency, our Justice Department, our Federal Bureau of Investigation, our Central Intelligence Agency, our Department of Defense which includes the Joints Chiefs of Staff,  and our Supreme Court are running scared from the truth and do not have the compunction to deal with the problems in a formidable forthright fashion.

Our United States of America is being robbed blind by these people and nobody has the heart, the soul, and the guts to do anything about it.  The White Hats remember a time not long ago when men were men and stood up for what was right.   Apparently, people are scared … we are not.  We are willing to take a very direct approach to stop the destruction. Why? We care about what our Forefathers have left to us. We care about the stewardship of this Country. And we care about what kind of world we will leave to our children.

The media, one of the last bastions of free voice is also running scared.  It has been amazing to watch the intimidation towards the Press …after all, is telling America the truth less important than making sure the members have that White House Press Pass?  When did Walter Cronkite ever turn away from a fight when the truth was on the line?  This is the same media that knows the absolute truth about Obama’s citizenship issue, have received the same information as everyone else and is scared to death to publish the bad news … all due to intimidation and running scared.

Now we are at the front door of the United States Supreme Court.  It should be interesting to see how the various Administrations have intimidated, paid off or blackmailed the Honorable Justices.  Perhaps someone in the current Administration, like Ms. Jarrett as it is reported from White House sources, reported that Obama is manic and only concerned about being reelected in 2012.   Perhaps, Ms. Jarrett, you can express why the Global Settlements have been illegally held up … do you need to tell Obama to stop illegally interfering with the Global Settlements?   So that you are clearly informed, this is the only money that will save the United States of America, our America, and the land of the free, from its current state of bankruptcy.  Is it you that is willing to step to the plate and say “Enough is enough!”?  Are you willing to tell the boss to expose the truth of the payoffs, the thefts, the true status of the United States of America, and the world that surrounds us?  If Obama does have even the most minor of cognitive issues, are you the person that now holds the code for the football?  We know Obama, Biden, both the Clintons and the Bushes, Timothy Geithner, Mitt Romney, to name a few, are fully compromised and could not possibly tell the truth due to the cover-ups.

Who is going to answer the call of duty and the laws they promised to uphold?  Is there anyone in the Supreme Court, the Senate, the Congress, the Justice Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, or the Department of Defense … or how about a wild thought … the Provost Marshal … to do their job at the risk and peril of their own life for the benefit of the 308 million people they represent?  If none of you can provide the duties of the office, then retire, resign, or just leave and allow someone who cares to move into the chair.

Since November of last year, all the information we have reported has been delivered directly to the Supreme Court.   We were informed a few weeks ago that letters would be delivered to each Supreme Court Justice that contained information which would tumble the very foundation of America.  This has occurred.  Out of respect for the Constitutional authority of the Supreme Court, we have given time for the Court to investigate and make the correct ruling on Obama’s citizenship issue, but the Court continues to allow George Bush Sr. to use blackmail to prevent release of the global financial settlements.  We just received copies of the two letters delivered to each Supreme Court Justice, which follows below.   Signed receipts of delivery exist for each Supreme Court Justice.   Sit down and take a deep breath of air before you read the following.  This is historically America’s saddest time, when corruption has poisoned the very roots of our Constitution.  In fact, several of America’s closest allies have suggested the current Administration looks like it is purposely attempting to totally ruin the United States for their own purpose and ultimate gain …..and we wholeheartedly agree.  The letters reveal how much money President Obama received in his conspiracy to block the release of the settlement funds.   We will explain the significances of this information after you have read the letters.

We have submitted for your review two (2) letters dated January 19, 2011 and January 21, 2011, you may view the original document supplied to us located on the right hand side of this site.

As stated in the January 21 letter, the following is a partial chart of Government Officials sent to the Supreme Court that have benefited in the blocking of Falcone’s Funds.

President ObamaVatican Bank$1,000,000,000
President ObamaBank of Santander$1,000,000,000
Vice President Joseph BidenVatican Bank$100 Million
Tim GeithnerVatican Bank$700 Million
George Bush, Sr.Vatican Bank$700 Million
George Bush, Jr.Vatican Bank$200 Million
Alan GreenspanVatican Bank$500 Million
Mitt RomneyVatican Bank$400 Million
Michael HerzogVatican Bank$500 Million
Bill & Hillary ClintonVatican Bank$400 Million
Paul Guennette (associate  of Bush, Sr.)Vatican Bank$700 Million

Note 1:  The chart of stolen funds supplied to the Supreme Court focused mainly on the Vatican Bank.  We listed the account data exactly as it was delivered to the Supreme Court.  Why are all these corrupt Politicians using the Vatican Bank?


Note 2:  As we have reported previously, we have tracked several other large bank accounts around the world associated with the above conspirators.


Note 3:  As noted in letter #2 above, there is a list of several other government officials who have received illegal payments that are deposited at the Vatican Bank.


Note 4: Since the delivery of this information to the Supreme Court, several of the above conspirators have been moving their funds out of the Vatican Bank.   The detail of each action is continually monitored and further proves their guilt.


This is the first time we have received information to report the amount of two billion ($2,000,000,000) dollars that President Obama has been paid for cooperating in preventing the distribution of the financial settlements.   This is the most critical information we have reported to date in reference to Obama and adds significantly to the investigative authority of the Supreme Court’s decision in reference to his citizenship issue.   Here is our understanding of the facts:

  • The Supreme Court has already heard arguments and continues to deliberate privately on making a final ruling on Obama’s Birth Certificate issue.
  • The Court has also received evidence that Obama has been blackmailed using a certified copy of his original Kenya Birth Certificate and paid money for his cooperation in preventing financial settlements.
  • Obama’s Birth Certificate issue, bribery of the same by George Bush, Sr. and money received is all interwoven.  The Court has the responsibility to investigate and address all these issues, before they can make a legitimate decision. 

As previously reported, we understand the Supreme Court trying to make a national security issue of Obama’s citizenship, considering to postpone this issue two years in the future, or even rule in favor of Obama, but we cannot accept the fact that the highest government officials have stolen funds from American citizens and then bribed other government Officials to look the other way.   The actions of these officials are treasonous and criminal at the very least.  The Court should immediately demand the resignation of Obama and other listed government officials, with subsequent investigations taking place.  No other option exists.   If the Supreme Court ignores their Constitutional duty to investigate, then we can only conclude that some of the Justices may be involved with the above conspirators.  The Supreme Court Justices must know that once they are appointed, “We the People” demand that they look beyond any political party and do their job in upholding the Constitution of the United States of America.  The truth will always surface out and we will hold anyone, even the highest government officials including the Supreme Court, accountable for their activities of corruption and treason.


If President Obama has any shred of honor and respect for “We the People” of America, the Founding Fathers, every American soldier past and present, and the Constitution of the United States, he will lead by example: resign, come clean and correct his cooperation in fraud, and finally take his own advice and leave a legacy behind in which America is able to recover from its lowest point in its history.

We didn’t think we needed Abe Lincoln to remind us of this………. but we obviously DO.

Clink on the link to view Ed Falcone’s Letter 1 and Letter 2 to The Supreme Court: http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.com/p/ed-falcone-file-view-docs.html


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