White Hats Report #11

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February 14, 2011 – White Hats Report #11

As of 19:30 Hrs.  We  received an internal updated report.

  • President Obama has stepped back from preventing the release to repay investors funds including Falcone,  but has not manned up as a President should to order it paid.
  • Bush Junior today has momentarily backed out of standing in the way,  but Bush Senior has now butted back in to the level that Junior was, creating a delay today on the release of the funds.
  • At this time a majority of the Bush’s funds have been  moved out of the Vatican Bank to England and Asia.  President Obama has moved all his funds from the Vatican Bank and Bank of Santander, Spain to bank accounts we will not disclose in this report.

President Obama needs to become presidential  and order the release to repay investors funds including Falcone, and not let any previous President or political figures stand in his way.

February 13, 2011 – The White Hats Report #11  –  Corruption at the highest levels continue, Obama takes his turn in preventing settlements.

Since our last report one week ago, which continued to reveal incriminating information of fraud, corruption, theft, bribery , tax evasion… etc. by Obama, the Bush and Clinton families, and associates supplied directly to each Supreme Court Justice of the United States, several things have happened.   We have included another letter, again delivered to each Supreme Court Justice this past week that included further updated information to the Court and Congress.   It must be understood, if the Supreme Court does take the appropriate actions, the information supplied to the Court will at the very least, make each Supreme Court Justice aware and liable to the American People for the information they were supplied.  Here is a bullet point of this week’s events.

  • Our White Hat report #10 posted on February 7th, 2011 went global in only a matter of hours.
  • President Obama, the Bush family and other government officials continued to move funds out of the Vatican Bank.  The funds have moved to London and Asia.  We are continuing to monitor every move made by the cabal.
  • The Supreme Court has still failed to act on the information supplied.  We continue to be informed that they want to postpone any action, hoping settlements will be paid and the situation will go away so they will not have to fulfill their responsibility to the American people.
  • Speaker of the House John Boehner has refused to denounce Obama detractors on the Birther issue.
  • The Falcone letter Dated February 8th was delivered to each Supreme Court Justice. Click on the link below or see the third letter located right hand side of this site.
  • Part of Congress has started to collect information preparing for an investigation.  We need them to move faster.  If they were to invite us to participate, the case would be closed.  How about it Congressman Issa?
  • As a result of the continual exposure to the world of his criminal activities by mid-week, intelligence reported that Bush Sr. verbally indicated to release the funds for Wednesday and Thursday distribution (See bullet point below in reference to Bush Jr.)   By mid week the world banking system moved more funds, started to prepare to repay investors funds including Falcone, and complete the promised Global Settlements.   A deal was communicated to appropriate parties that everything would be completed by the end of business day Friday 11th.
  • Intelligence reported Friday 3:00pm that Obama stopped the distributions.   In addition to Obama, Bush Jr. also took actions to stop the distribution.  It was reported that Obama was 90% and Bush Jr. was 10% responsible for stopping the payment of investor’s funds and the Global settlements.  Once Obama was informed that Bush Sr gave his ok for the release of payment, Obama stepped in and stopped everything.     The prevention of investor’s repayment or Global Settlements is being accomplished through the US Treasury Department.   As indicated in our last report, Timothy Geithner has also taken funds along with other officials.    The US treasury is illegally assisting in preventing the distribution of these funds.    Remember, Obama was bribed $2,000,000,000 dollars for his cooperation.
  • It was also discovered mid-week that there was an attempt to steal, in part, some of Wanta’s funds that were already positioned for distribution.   Fortunately, this theft and activity was prevented.  We are watching and monitoring all these accounts.

We have waited through Saturday to see if any further activity was going to take place in reference to any investor repayment and Global Settlements, but nothing is scheduled for early week as of noon Sunday, February 13th.

It is important that the world understands who Obama really is.  What is the real truth about Obama?  All his activities must be investigated.  Obama needs to explain to Congress his vast personal accumulation of funds recently moved from both the Vatican Bank and Bank Santander, as he and the Bush family seek to avoid detection and exposure.

Obama had close ties with the Giannoulias family commencing when he first began his political career as an Illinois State Senator. Obama and Alexi Giannoulias met in the late 90’s at the East Bank Club in Chicago. Giannoulias expanded his roles within the Broadway Bank, which Obama selected to keep most of his Senatorial campaign funds.   In April 2010, Federal regulators shut down the Broadway Bank.  Congressman Darrell Issa has hinted at the possibility of the need to investigate the missing hundreds of millions from the Broadway Bank and its outreach into the White House.


Obama was further cross involved with Tony Rezko, a Syrian born felon convicted of fraud and bribery, clearly well suited for Washington.  Rezko helped fund and ran Obama’s campaign in 1995.  Rezko helped facilitate the purchase of Obama’s home in Kentwood for $1.65m, against which he was availed of a significant discount on the mortgage. Chicago rules?

The Obama and Jarrett relationship and conduct with the former Governor Rod Blagojevich has been well publicized.     Valerie Jarrett was part of the manipulative Chicago (insiders?)set, being well-schooled in the Windy City rules and practices, hence, brought in as a White House enforcer.  She affects almost complete authoritarian control now on White House policies and affairs of state, unelected and with her own often mercurial agendas.

We can also confirm that in addition to all the information others have supplied to the Supreme Court, each Supreme Court Justice has viewed a You Tube video by Wayne Madsen, a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FIptCAkrcc

We only report the fact that each Supreme Court Justice received copies of this video.   Intelligence has also reported that Obama is worried and is doing everything possible to shut down this video.  We have no further comment, and leave it to the video’s producer to support his claims.

Every form of media restraint is exercised in reference to the Truth.  Truth is suppressed.  The media is bought, purchased, intimidated and scared to report the truth or take an opposite position to the Administration.  We must all do whatever we can to pass these truths on.

We now have an acting President, an illegal immigrant, who carried a Foreign Student Visa, and acquired his own American passport by a false declaration.  There is only proof of his ineligibility to serve as the US President by Law.   The fraudulent vetting and security to validate his citizenship has been alarming.  Bush Sr. has lost no opportunity to enforce his will for Obama to acquiesce to Bush family demands, against which Obama now is visibly enriching himself conspiring with the Bush’s and the collective associates, using his Chicago rules to silence dissent, and maximize the asset stripping of the country.  Indeed, this low caliber Manchurian Candidate was well selected and groomed for just that purpose.

Congress must speed up and announce a wide and sweeping corruption inquiry, which can cross encompass the Bush, Clinton and Obama regimes, and request a global search for all such illegal proceeds of crime stolen under their stewardship in office.  Congress must demand an answer from the Supreme Court relating to the clear judgment on this illegal fraudster.   Let the Political establishment effect the solution based on the rule of law.

Look at the groundswell of opinion and views of so many of our readers. The White Hats reports have now recorded logs from multiple tracking sites, and will soon be in the millions.  Truth is on the march here and will only gain momentum. Congressional Freshmen are following us for Leadership.    World Leaders are recorded as tracking us with each release. Truth will not be suppressed.

Why is Obama still ordering the Settlements to be withheld?  How much money in addition to the $2,000,000,000 dollars has he personally now accrued from his own questionable conduct, abuse of office as a fraudulent illegal immigrant who has evaded the vetting system checks and made fools of the Democratic Party?   Who will start a global investigation of his banking, his wife and family?   Why has he not acted on Biden having been told by parties of substance that Biden has been bribed and witnesses attest to it?  Biden is dirty.

The sheer scale of crimes perpetrated by this stagger credibility that so much has been suppressed.    So many deaths, drug money laundering, bribery and corruption, it’s off the Richter scale.  But all open to investigation. For America to go forward now, it has to deal with and heal its past.

Congressman Issa, you promised so much.


Finally, see that attached letter from Falcone to the Supreme Court of the United States of America.