White Hats Report #13

In Financial Fraud, Government Corruption, WHR by Paladin


The importance of this short update is to explain what has taken place over the last two weeks.  As indicated in our last report we have continued to collect the last 40% of  detailed information on where all the parties have moved their stolen funds including names, dates, account numbers, and banks involved in these illegal activities.  This is not a simple task and has taken time.   All the information collected has now been submitted to certain Congressional Members for examination, pending a full Congressional Inquiry.   We have been asked by these authorities to give them a short period of time to absorb and investigate this new information.  Out of respect we will honor their request for a short period of time, but we will continue to watch them closely.

Below we provide some facts not previously reported, which will lead you to their criminal collusion.  Some of the names may not seem significant, but are individuals and agents who do not want to be exposed, but have chosen to associate themselves with Bush Senior.

In September, 2010, prior to the November elections, Edward Falcone was contacted by Don Nevin, brother of C.I.A. agent David Dewhurst.   The contact was made on behalf of George Bush Sr. and the C.I.A. to consummate a settlement with Falcone.    The settlement was agreed to by all party’s.   A key point of the agreement was that Edward Falcone was asked to back off and not pursue exposing Joe Biden’s 200 million dollar payoff by George Bush Senior for helping to block the release of Falcone’s settlement funds.   This was a very critical issue, particularly in light of the upcoming election.   As we previously reported, Bush Senior sent a government sponsored team to Germany to meet with Michael Herzog.    Falcone was later informed the purpose of this trip was that Herzog, in conjunction with the Millennium Group, West Palm Beach, Florida,  (Former C.I.A. operatives) to block the settlement transfer.   Bush Senior’s team of agents then went on to Asia and the Caribbean to cover up bank accounts for Bush Senior, Joe Biden and others.   Don Nevins sent three letters to George Bush Senior, delivered to his assistant Jim Albey, stressing Falcone’s discontent and delay in consummating their agreement.  Falcone was constantly told everything was in order, but there is just a delay.   In November, after the elections Falcone started back up in exposing the criminals due to non performance of the agreement.

We must also communicate that as of today, the Supreme Court has not responded, communicated, or taken any action in reference to the five letters delivered to each Supreme Court Justice.

We will continue to report information at the proper time.   We know that everyone understands the importance of patience, truth in our mission and commitment to expose these criminal activities.  We have the support of thousands of individuals and  we are working with honest government officials that are determined to bring these criminals to justice.