White Hats Report #8

In Government Corruption, WHR by Paladin

The end of Obama’s Presidency


From the moment Barrack Hussein Obama announced he was a candidate for the office of the President, his credentials have been under constant and considerable scrutiny by the finest Constitutional legal minds in our Country.

As President, in each of the legal challenges presented to the Supreme Court, the legal question presented is not what the Honorable Court preferred to hear or the case of the Plaintiff was not proper and deemed not to have “standing” or “merit”.  As always, the Court was positioning to hear the correct positions and arguments, so the Court could opine and rest the matter forever.  The longer the proper legal challenges took to develop, the more difficult it would be to unwrap all of the damage that Obama, and his special interest groups, would bestow on the American people and the international community (i.e. Obama’s totally ignorant comment from the White House podium declaring the French are America’s closest ally.  This ignorant statement insults Great Britain and the rest of our most important allies and relationships).

The continual thread of the legal arguments is relative to Obama’s required constitutional credentials. Specifically, if he meets the eligibility requirements to be the President of the United States of America as defined in the Constitution.  Apparently, Obama’s political tricksters, the special interests groups, the Chicago and the D.C. Beltway groups, which tilt their heads to the Obama faction, thought they could hijack America and out fox all of the Americans that hold the Constitution close to their heart.  The Supreme Court heard each case brought before it, rendered an opinion and moved on to the next case.  All of the previous cases have been denied for lack of ‘Standing’ or being ‘Frivolous’.

As we stated in our last report, about 18 months ago at a college public speaking engagement, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was confronted by Dr. Orly Taitz with a suitcase of 350,000 confirmed signatures from World Net Daily and other sources. Dr. Taitz asked the Supreme Court to hear the complaints about Obama’s required credentials including his status as a natural born citizen of the United States of America since he was not properly vetted for the Presidency due to the wrangling of Obama’s special interest friends.  Chief Justice Roberts promised Dr. Taitz publicly he would review the information.  It appears that Roberts kept his promise as the matter was heard before the Supreme Court Justices on Friday, January 7th, 2011.

The outcome of this single case has been in the specter of legal scholars for many months as the target issue lies within the confines of the Article Two, Section One of the Constitution of the United States of America, as quoted below:

“Qualifications. The President must be a ‘natural born citizen’ of the United States,
at least 35 years old … “

If we break this down to its simplest common denominator and confine the argument to the true meaning of the Founding Fathers, Obama’s mother, upon the conception Barrack Hussein Obama, was married to a verified Kenyan citizen, meaning he does not have the blood of two (2) verifiable citizens of the United States of America.  Not only do we have the records but so do all of the National Security agencies charged with protecting American interests by the letter of the law.  As of this date, the issue of Obama’s citizenship status has become a National Security matter due to the wrangling of a group of people attempting to keep their candidate in office at all costs.  For the record, and to this date, the American public and the Supreme Court have yet to receive the answers required to this question and Obama has yet to provide his long-form birth certificate and answer other Interrogatories.

In the Supreme Court, the test for Obama, his cronies and this Administration, is for Obama to prove that he is a Natural born Citizen.  Obama can’t do that as he has a Certified Birth Certificate in Kenya and ‘Certificate of Live Birth’ from the State of Hawaii.  Herein lays the quandary for Obama, his cronies and the Court.  Obama does not have the ability to prove and cannot provide a certified document providing for a true birth certificate for any of the American states.  The only record of his birth is in Kenya.

From extremely high and very credible sources within the Judicial system, it has been reported that Obama and his legal team lost their arguments to have this case dismissed.  The Court heard the applicable arguments from each side and held, in short form; the Obama did not meet the residency requirements as set forth in the Constitutional of the United States of America.  A preliminary vote in favor of the Plaintiff was taken, with Associate Justice Elena Kagan not voting due to her previous political relationship and involvement with Obama’s birth certification issues.

The Supreme Court is holding on to the decision and will not publish its decision for the sake of the American political process. What does this mean and why would they choose this path?

Notwithstanding the difficulty before the Judicial system as to what to do with an unlawfully sitting President, the real problem comes after the fact.  This President has been sitting in the office illegally for two (2) years while propagating conjecture about American life and liberty, pushing his agenda, signing bills into law, issuing Executive Orders and trying to act as a real President.   It is for this reason that all of the American Security agencies consider this single item a National Security matter with the single question:  How do you control an out of control person acting as President?

Although the Court has not recorded or published their finding, there is already disinformation being propagated that the Court ruled in favor of Obama.  This is not true.


With the Court opinion in hand and everyone attempting to make sense of the underlying issues to be addressed, our analysis, based on what we have reported previously, is that any person in a position for an executive seat is a named party in criminal allegations of bank fraud, theft, unauthorized usage of government assets, etc.  Review previous White Hat reports.  The proof of these allegations exists.   Hence, we know the following:

1. The Supreme Court is holding on to its decision and not publishing due to the damage it would do.

2. It has been opined that Obama in the near future will resign from the Office of The Presidency.   The political machine is now determining how to spin his resignation so the American people can grasp something simpler than he never had the credentials to serve as President.  The reason will not be his birth certificate issue.

3. The Supreme Court will publish their findings after Obama’s resignation is detailed to the American people. Once Obama resigns the Supreme Court can simply dismiss the case and avoid any embarrassment of the parties.

4. One possible scenario would be for Biden to step down first, due to his well publicized participation with George Bush Senior, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Mitt Romney in the theft of Falcone’s funds or due to the political spin of his alleged brain cancer… whichever works best.  Obama will appoint Hillary Clinton as Vice President.  Obama steps down and Hillary becomes President.  The Clinton machine has always wanted Hillary as President.  If this happens, the information on the funds she has stolen will become exposed.  The funds that Hillary took are substantially greater than the amount Biden took.  Remember that Hillary bribed Biden per Bush Senior’s request.

5. Obama could resign first and allow Biden to become President.  Biden would then appoint a new Vice President, but this appointment would have to be approved by both Congresses.  This option seems less likely, but is certainly possible since the White House has been trying to enhance Biden’s image. The criminal allegations against Joseph Biden are too great to allow him to become President.

It is our sincere desire for all individuals to understand the monumental issues stated above and, in concert, with all of the information contained in our previous reports.  We have stated that the Executive branch of the government has failed us. Will Congress, fail us, too? Or will they do their duty, keep their responsibility to their constituents and honor their oath to the Constitution and protect America from enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC?

We have heard from Americans and people from all walks of life including people from other countries who are wondering what has happened to the United States of America. Our purpose has been to inform the public and expose the corruption that threatens our freedoms, both now and in the future.  Therefore, we implore you to contact your Senators and Representatives.  Let them hear your voice and let your voice hold weight.  Tell them your opinion.  Hold your elected officials accountable for every act they perform on your behalf!!

View the Obama Birth Certificate here: http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.com/p/obama-birth-certificate-file.html