White Hats Report #6

In Financial Fraud, Government Corruption, WHR by Paladin

Twas The Night Before Christmas

In the year of 1776, our Founding Fathers, brave men of valor, established the American system of Life, Liberty, Justice and Freedom. Our Founding Fathers desired to be free men, desiring to live under a different set of concepts and laws which was based on freedom. The concepts and laws made men equal under one form of government called democracy. Each man treated equal under God.

Over the course of 234 years, the land we call the United States of America has had numerous challenges testing the very fabric and core of who we are as Americans. In each instance, we Americans have shown our resolve to do the right thing in every challenge. That’s what Americans do, we stand up and stick our chin out and request the offender to have at it. To date, every challenge has been from outside of our borders, never from the inside and never by Americans … dirty, duly elected, current and former politicians.

We now have a group of people that are using their experience while in government positions to attempt to hijack our political processes, subvert the intent of our laws, blackmail and payoff our highest elected officials and commit high level crimes that go undetected due to cover ups and collusion of other high level persons in government.

For example, we have exposed the $200 million payoff to Joe Biden by Hillary Clinton to not proceed with investigating the theft of Falcone funds by George H. W. Bush. Joe is strutting around Washington D.C. like a new-found peacock thinking that his political advisers, and buddies upstairs, have protected Joe. The current thinking by the Biden camp is Joe is untouchable. We say why not hide the white elephant crook in the main square of life where he can really do some damage.

During this holiday season, look around you and be thankful for all of the blessings that America has offered you … “your way of life”. Look around the world at the financial calamity facing us and know that our leaders are up to their eyeballs in the controversy … not only participating, but making profits at the same time.

We ask that the members of the House and the Senate remember our Founding Fathers and the challenges that have been presented to Americans for 234 years. If you believe that the Founding Fathers were wrong and you don’t believe in them, then … GET OUT!

So on behalf of all Americans and the people of the world, we wish to extend Holidays Greetings to the Executive Leadership of the United States of America and pray in 2011 the Congress and Senate have the mental and political fortitude to clean up the mess.

Over the holiday season, we ask that everyone discuss the reports and videos with friends and family. The power of technology can communicate with a loud voice through internet chat rooms, emails, text messaging, etc. We need your help in making everyone aware of the information contained in our reports. Please contact members of the House and Senate to demand they investigate. Spread the message that will restore America’s freedom and Justice.

Have a Happy Holiday Season and here is a Christmas message just for you:

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land,
The rats were all scurrying because Judgment Day is at hand;
Their stockings were filled with big lumps of coal,
It was their payment for trying to steal our soul;

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of freedom danced in their heads;
With mama in her pj’s and I with my pipe,
Reading the media’s most recent NWO hype;

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I put down my pipe to see what was the matter;
I moved to the door to peek through the crack,
Expecting to see Homeland Security and the men in black;

As I opened the door and listened and looked,
I could hear thundering hooves and I thought I was cooked;
I braced for the worst then saw the white horses,
It was Paladin and his posse and all the special forces;

It was cold and snowy but their heads they were covered,
It was a sea of white hats as I soon would discover;
Tman and Wild Bill and the rest of the crew,
They were carrying a flag, the old red, white and blue;

There was Geno and CS and JJ and Hope,
Loyal and dedicated and ready to cope;
Gina and PJ and Wo and Kate,
Their patriotism was nothing short of being great;

Pansy and Merek and Azti and Lew,
All of them bleeding red, white and blue;
Jesse and Jeff and Rich and Dick,
When the call went out, they responded right quick;

Patriots for sure, one and all,
Unafraid to take the fight right up to city hall;
And after that was done, all the way to DC,
They were bound and determined for all to be free;

My neighbors all heard and then looked outside,
The white hats dipped their heads and saluted with pride;
They began to dismount their horses with care,
And spread out through the neighborhood with accomplished flair;

They carried with them parchments, scrolls and good cheer,
A smile could be seen from ear to ear;
The Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, too,
Each neighbor was given a copy for review;

Our Founding Fathers would’ve been proud to see such a sight,
An entire neighborhood of patriots gathered together on Christmas eve night;
Paladin mounted his horse and raised his hands to implore the crowd,
To recite the Constitution together aloud;

“We the People” he began and the crowd joined in,
As he looked around and smiled, he knew freedom would win;
Their voices rang out as they raised their right hand,
And again liberty was proclaimed throughout the land;

As he gazed at the crowd, a single tear rolled down his cheek,
For the first time in his life the future didn’t look bleak;
Their voices rang out clear into the night,
I as well, hoped all would be alright;

The reading of history came to an end;
By all, the Constitution they would defend;
Tman stepped forward with a list of names,
Of the ones who were playing the corruption games;

He cleared his throat and looked to the crowd,
To see so many gathered it made him proud;
Documents obtained, statements taken,
The crimes they committed could not be mistaken;

“Clinton, Bush, Obama……….. and Biden, too
Romney, Geithner and Greenspan….to name just a few;
They cheated the people and the Government they subverted,
We have all the proof that the funds were diverted;

Herzog has told us a thing or two,
And Ed has the fortitude to follow through;
There are many people, who’ve seen the light,
To all patriots we reach out on this Christmas eve night;”

He paused and cleared his throat once again,
And summoned the courage he had from within;
There was more to say and it was of great import,
The citizens and Congress he needed to exhort;

“Call your family and friends and talk to your neighbors,
It’s time to get back your hard earned labors;
Tell them to contact their Congressmen too,
Its time they, too, honor the red, white and blue;

You elected them with your God given right,
Now tell them the story of this cold winter night;
As patriots gathered for their country so true,
We all stood together to watch the NWO fade from view;

The 112th Congress will soon be meeting to decide important matters,
They need to summon the courage to reduce the NWO to tatters;
Its time they stand up for the people they represent,
The message we send is with clear intent;

Honor your country and your forefathers too,
Restore the dignity of the red, white and blue;
Heed our call before it’s too late,
Its way past time to play it straight;

We’ll continue to expect you to do your duty,
And restore America to its former beauty;
Honor your flag and your country too,
Restore the dignity of the red, white and blue;”

As Tman finished a rider rode up like Paul Revere,
And whispered something in Paladin’s ear;
Paladin raised his hand to report what he heard,
He’d disclose what he knew, word for word;

“Seems Biden is caught with his ass in the sling,
And is trying to figure out how not to sing;
His son has helped come up with a plan,
The only thing that will salvage his corrupt old man;

Put old Joe in charge of the new arms treaty,
And then his position will be way too weighty;
For anyone to question all of the bribes,
That he took from Bush to mess up our lives;

Its time to implore Boehner, Bachmann and Paul,
To step to the fore and answer the call;
To stop the corruption and the bribery, too;
To restore the dignity of the red, white and blue;

This battle of information we’ll continue to fight,
Bringing many more misdeeds out into the light;
Until the Congress and law enforcement, too
Perform their duty to the red, white and blue;”

He nodded his head to his posse with pride,
It was time to continue this patriot ride;
They took their signal and mounted their horses,
And checked their maps and plotted their courses;

He took off his hat and tipped it to the crowd,
Then turned and nodded and whistled real loud;
The white horses and hats rode off into the night,
As Paladin turned and said:

“MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and have a patriot good night”

~The White Hat Team