White Hats Report #5

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Death threats, changing sides and providing evidence

Another message to the PTB:

We have continually provided updated information on the international battle occurring behind the scenes which includes the manipulation, destruction and subversion of our system of Life, Liberty, Justice and Freedom for all.

The perpetrators are Americans elected into high office who have used their power without apparent thought, consideration or respect for the American people. The leader of this Clan is former president George H.W. Bush, Sr. Among his many associates are former presidents George W. Bush, Jr., William Clinton, current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President Barrack Obama, Vice President Joseph Biden, the Former Chairman of the Board of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan and others.

When our group came together, it was to complete the “Global Settlements” to repair the overall integrity, credibility and financial stability of the United States of America, and in turn, the rest of the free world. To date, the perpetrators have made every attempt to hinder the advancement of the Settlements by manipulating and, to use President Obama’s favorite term, “gaming the system”. Throughout this arduous process, we have learned to anticipate the moves of the Clan and we continue to trace, track and record their activities.

While Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, introduced Michael Herzog of Berlin, Germany and Paul Guenette of Calgary, Canada, to George H.W. Bush, Sr. to develop a business relationship for the purpose of placing funds in Federal Reserve sanctioned high yield trade programs. George Bush, Sr. is a major player in the High Yield and Private Placement business. Herzog and Guenette are partners and financial brokers offering high yield investment opportunities.

Herzog and Guenette had a client named Ed Falcone, a prominent real estate developer. Mitt Romney, being a protégé of George H.W. Bush, Sr., persuaded Herzog to place Falcone’s funds with Bush, Sr. who would trade through his family and other sources. Bush Seniors wife, Barbara Bush, maiden name Pierce, is a well known financial family in France and participates in these types of financial transactions.

After a period of time, Falcone asked questions why he did not receive payment from his investment. As a result, he started his own investigation by hiring experts in financial forensics and other experts to discover the location of his funds. Hence, Falcone filed a complaint with the FBI, the Office of Homeland Security and the Federal Reserve. A detailed report has been prepared and submitted to the FBI.

The result of the forensic investigations revealed that George H.W. Bush, Sr. placed the funds in trade, generating profits and paying off people knowledgeable of these transactions. Romney was paid approximately one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000) over a two year period ending with his last payment from the Commerce Bank, Frankfurt, Germany in early May of 2008. Romney was being considered for the Vice President position under Presidential candidate John McCain, in 2008. Romney withdrew from consideration for Vice President when information surfaced regarding these transactions. McCain selected Sarah Palin since she was easy to vet at the last minute. If Romney had disclosed these transactions, Utah would have done a better job vetting him. Romney thought he would be in the clear based on the perceived “protection” offered by Bush Sr.

Herzog and Guenette were paid as partners utilizing Falcone’s funds and part of their profits were diverted to their own bank house, ICB Bank Limited in Curacao, a Caribbean island. Herzog’s wife Gudrun Funkenweh is also hiding stolen funds from Falcone in her own accounts.

As reported previously, George H.W. Bush, Sr., between the dates of October 5-7, 2010 moved the funds he stole from Falcone, from bank accounts in St. Barts to various island banks including Bermuda and Turks and Caicos. Bill and Hilliary Clinton also received funds which were distributed through many of the accounts that Bill has setup throughout the world.

Falcone reached out to Vice President Joe Biden with a hand delivered message requesting his personal assistance to help Falcone recover his funds. The memo included the same information provided to the FBI, the Office of Homeland Security and the Federal Reserve. Presumably, when Biden started to do research, someone found out and authorized Hillary Clinton to approach Biden. Biden was paid approximately two hundred million dollars ($200,000,000) to keep quiet and help block the efforts of Falcone in collecting his funds. Biden established accounts at several overseas banks in Spain and Hong Kong and the funds were diverted and deposited into these accounts.

The real unfortunate part is that President Obama received a registered letter from Falcone referencing the complaint filed with the different government agencies, requesting his assistance. To this date, the President has not responded to his letter nor taken any action to correct this injustice.

During the summer of 2010, Admiral Dennis Blair, the Head of the Security Council at that time, was made aware of the reports and facts Falcone had filed with the different government agencies. Admiral Blair informed the Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, that this problem was not going away and it needed to be addressed and corrected immediately. Admiral Blair met with the President on this matter and resigned when he realized the President and the Administration refused to act on this matter and similar matters outstanding.

Herzog and Guenette are aware of threats made on their lives by Bush Sr. Apparently, Bush Sr. is extremely concerned about any information that is exposed about the business relationship between Herzog, Guenette and Bush Sr. over the Falcone funds. When Herzog talks, then Bush Senior’s dirty tricks, blackmail, and payoffs will be exposed opening those crimes up to severe legal consequences.

Herzog is scared, and in his wisdom, has started to leak to Falcone and his legal team the inside information on aspects of their business relationships with the parties mentioned here, including Alan Greenspan and Josef Ackerman, the Chairman of Deutsche Bank, as they all participated in the theft of Falcone’s funds. Herzog has delivered documents and information which includes an email written in German to Falcone, from Deutsche Bank, directed by Ackerman and Greenspan, dated August 1st, 2007 at 3:31pm (German time). At the same time the email was sent, George H.W. Bush, Sr. and then President George Bush, Jr. were on a conference call with Ackerman and Greenspan. The contents of the email gave Michael Herzog specific instructions to withhold payment to Falcone.

The walls are caving in and the end is here for the Bush Clan. America’s system of justice will prevail.

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